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Patient Comfort & Care.


The Patient Comfort & Care program has been a part of our mission for 30 years, raising funds to financially support patients at our local hospitals, as well as our cancer care and dialysis patients. Many patients receiving chemotherapy and dialysis treatments are required to travel long distances to attend doctors' appointments, both locally on the Peninsula, as well as to our larger centers located over 300km away in St. John's.  The costs associated with travelling to doctors' appointments can be very stressful for families during an already challenging time.  To help relieve the financial burden, the Patient Comfort & Care program provides patients in need with gas, meal and accommodation vouchers when travelling to doctors' appointments.

The Patient Comfort & Care program is accessible to Cancer, Dialysis, and urgent care patients who do not fully qualify for Government funding assistance through the Provincial and/or Federal Government.  This financial assistance program is for residents of the Burin Peninsula who are currently on active Chemotherapy, Radiation, and/or Dialysis treatment, or those in urgent care scenarios.

Deadline to Apply:  Open year-round, while funds are available.


To request a Patient Comfort & Care application form, please contact (709) 891-3456.