Priority Projects.

These are projects that are seen as a priority to hospital management, staff, and community. This can include simple paitent comfort and care items, or helping staff to become better trained as new technology is introduced. Priority Projects can also be a plan to completely overhaul a unit or specific room.

Burin Peninsula Health Care Foundation Projects and Programs are designed to address issues such as:

Retaining and attracting skilled professionals.

Responding to the growing challenge of staffing and equipping health centres for residents – current and future.

Making a community impact by playing a lead role in investing in infrastructure and people by being in a position to offer new options to local residents and community stakeholders.

Fast tracking projects and programs that will help insure our health care delivery service is one that is attractive enough that individuals/businesses/groups will live and invest in our communities.


2014-2015 Priority Projects for Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre (BPHCC) include a major upgrade to O.R. Surgical Services , Chemotherapy Upgrades, and numerous Patient Comfort & Care Items

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Priority Projects include a Garden Project, Protective Care Unit Updates, and Hair Salon Updates.

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Priority Projects include a Garden Project,and Resident Room Updates.

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